Dynamic Equilibrium


This is an Open Educational Resource designed to summarise key concepts in acid-base chemistry that are required for entry to an undergraduate course. The resource is designed for first year undergraduates and revisits ideas from A-level. It also begins to show how they are applied early in a University course. The resource was created as part of The Royal Society of Chemistry’s work under the National HE STEM Programme.

Learning Objectives - on completion of this activity you should be able to:
* Calculate Kc and Kp from experimental data using appropriate units.

It is anticipated that users will have some knowledge of A-level chemistry before undertaking the activity but, even with good subject knowledge, there should also be some material here they are unfamiliar with. This resource is not designed to support any specific A-level specification but may also be used in schools alongside other resources where appropriate.

Related Resources
Ideas from this resource are used in the acid/base resource and the entropy/free energy resource. Other chemistry resources are also available:

This OER has been created in Articulate and is made available as an interactive learning object for your VLE. The associated PowerPoint file may also be useful for learning and teaching. Please see the read me file for information on how to use and adapt the resource and for known errors.

Declan Fleming

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